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First Unitarian Church welcomes you to participate in the wide range of programs offered for members and friends.

Religious Education at First Unitarian is available for everyone, from toddlers to young adults to grandparents.

Music and the Arts are important at First Unitarian Church. There are many opportunties to express yourself - through participation in the Sanctuary Choir or the Family Choir, participation in the Folk Orchestra, by membership on the Music Committee or by simply enjoying the wonderful variety of music programming during Sunday services. For more information on the Folk Orchestra, please contact Emily Pinkerton at 412/621-8008 or via email at ejpinky@yahoo.com.

Social Action Council provides opportunities for awareness and action for issues at the Congregational,
Regional, Denominational, and International level. The Social Justice Council aids members in translating First Church’s mission statement “to foster a more compassionate and just world and to affirm and promote justice equity and compassion” and its covenanted “goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all” into action with and on behalf of the church.

Covenant Groups at First Unitarian are an important part of our religious community, and a great way for people to get to know each other in small group settings.

Committee work is central to the governance of the First Unitarian Church. Service on a committee gives you an opportunity to contribute to the workings of the church - from its Sunday programs and music to the important "business" aspects of church life. Current Church Committees and current chairs:

Adult Faith Development Committee – [new group]
Alternative Gift Market Committee – Cindy Kirsch
Anti-Racism Committee – [TBD]
Art Committee – Ali Masalehdan
Behavioral Covenant Committee – Don Bialostosky and Cathy Rohrer
Board of Trustees – Rob Schwartz
Bookstore Committee – Cathy Kerr and Mary Schinhofen
Building Committee – Ray Schinhofen
Building Renovation and Expansion Committee – Jim Pashek and Ann Van Cott
Campus Ministry Endowment Committee – Devon Wood
Canvass Committee – Raeann Olander-Murray and Alison Schwartz
Core Team for Pittsburgh Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN) –Susan Blackman and Liz Perkins
Covenant Group Advisory Committee – [new group]
Dance Choir – Mary Pat Mengato
East End Cooperative Ministry (General) – Kim Lincoln
East End Cooperative Minister (Men’s Shelter Meals) – Michael Miller
Electronic Media Committee – Christine Milcarek and Nikolaus Stoltzfus
Endowment for Ministry with Children and Youth – Jennifer Halperin
Family Choir – Rev. David Herndon
Fantasy/Reality Auction Committee – [new group]
Finance Committee – [new group]
Folk Orchestra – Emily Pinkerton
Garden and Grounds Committee – Suzanne Powell
Gathering of Men – Jim Reitz
Green Sanctuary Committee – Sayf Sharif
Humanist Group – Roy Frye
Inter-Arts Social Justice Committee – Laura Conkle and Bruce McConachie
Interweave – David Green
Investment Committee – Brian Rohleder
Khasi Hills Partnership Committee – Ebe Emmons-Apt
Library Committee – Mary Schinhofen
Long Range Planning Committee – Randy Weinberg
Membership Committee – [new group]
Memorial Garden Committee – Audrey Masalehdan
Music Committee – Kurt Summersgill
Music Endowment Committee – [TBD]
Nominating Committee – Irma Tani
Operations Administrative Team – Rev. David Herndon
Organ Committee – Roy Matway
Pastoral Associates, Pastoral Contacts, and Pastoral Volunteers – Rev. David Herndon
Planned Giving Committee – [new group]
Program Administrative Team – Rev. David Herndon
Recorder Ensemble – Mary Denison
Religious Education Committee – Cathy Rohrer
Sanctuary Choir – Jon Erik Schreiber
Social Events Committee – Eileen Hastings
Social Justice Committee – Liz Perkins
Social Justice Council – Rev. David Herndon
Social Music Endowment Committee – Pat Ulbrich
Stewardship Event Committee – [new group]
Sunday Celebrations Committee – Bill Waddell
Sunday Morning Forum Steering Committee – Michael Lotze
Threshold Congregations Committee – [new group]
Unitarian Universalist Community on Campus – Devon Wood
Unitarian Universalists for Justice in the Middle East – Bruce McConachie and Kathy Parker
Ushers and Greeters Committee – [new group]
Womanspirit – Pat Schuetz
Women’s Alliance – Genevieve Mann and Kay Didycz

Additional sign up forms are available for newcomers orientations, events, providing pastoral care, and ways to get involved.


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