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Pastoral care is available to all members and friends, new and longstanding. Our Caring Connections program is coordinated by the Rev. Robin Zucker. If you would like to join the Caring Connections team, please contact the Rev. Zucker at 412-727-6870 (home study - preferred), 412-621-8008, ext 110 (church), 978-505-7245 (mobile - urgent calls) or flowingforce@comcast.net.

Helping Hands provides concrete assistance (such as rides and meal coordination) to church members and provides opportunities for congregation members to reach out to others. To express a need or volunteer, please contact the Rev. Robin.

Kindred Spirits: The ministers are assisted by a Lay Pastoral Care Team, who companion church members in need of spiritual and emotional support during life challenges; they offer a presence for elders, caregivers, and families in crisis. Please contact coordinator MR Kelsey at 412- 362-1514 or maryruthkelsey@gmail.com

Homemade Cook It Forward meals are available in our church freezer. Please let Mary Ruth (MR) Kelsey, maryruthkelsey@gmail.com (412-362-1514) or Rev. Robin know you'd like to put together a meal for one of our congregants. 

Comfort Quilts-  Two beautiful comfort quilts have been created by First U quilters. These washable quilts can be loaned to members and friends who seek comfort as they cope with illness, loss or other difficult  life events. Please contact Rev. Robin or Mary Ruth Kelsey.

Threshold Choir: Founded in 2007, the Pittsburgh Threshold Choir honors an ancient tradition of women singing a cappella at the bedsides of people who are dying, ill, or experiencing a difficult life transition. They share the healing gift of voices in private homes, hospitals, hospice facilities, or anywhere and any time when support through song is appropriate. To request a visit by the choir (or inquire about joining the group) , please contact Rev. Robin or Choir Director Cindy Harris (412-447-1812; cah329a@gmail.com. 

Marion's Purse has practical resources to share. We have bus tickets, Giant Eagle cards, and cash reserves in our fund to help with financial and life needs. Please contact Rev. Robin in confidence. 

We have created a Medical Equipment loan program. If you have items to loan or need to borrow something, please contact Jim Reitz at j5650r@comcast.net

Contact the ministers, the church office, the Director of Religious Education, a musical group, or your covenant group, when you or someone you know is in need of support or care. Please contact the ministers with pastoral life issues, to be included in the pastoral prayer on Sunday morning, or about memorial services. 


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