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Do you have a church event that you would like your fellow church members and friends to know about? Here are eight ways that you could publicize your event.

1. Newsletter. The Chalice, our church newsletter, is published at the beginning of each month. You may submit items to Communications Coordinator Jennifer Parsons at jenparsons1@verizon.net. The deadline is the fifteenth day of the preceding month. For example, the deadline for the November newsletter would be October 15.

2. Order of Service. You may submit items for the weekly order of service to Communications Coordinator Jennifer Parsons at jenparsons1@verizon.net. The deadline is noon on Wednesday for the following Sunday.

3. Facebook Page. You could post an announcement on our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/firstunitarianpittsburgh.

4. Bulletin Boards. You may post flyers about your event on bulletin boards around the church. Some bulletin boards have restrictions. For example, the music bulletin board is reserved for music-related notices.

5. Program Guide. The church publishes a comprehensive Program Guide for the fall, the winter/spring, and the summer. You may be able to publicize your event in this way. Please check with Communications Coordinator Jennifer Parsons at jenparsons1@verizon.net about deadlines.

6. Undercroft Gallery Table. You may set up a table in the Undercroft Gallery so that you can share information about your event with church members and friends during the social hour after our Sunday morning worship services.

7. All-Church Email Distribution List. Some events can be publicized through the all-church email distribution list. We try to use this sparingly to avoid email fatigue among our members and friends! Please contact Rev. David Herndon at dherndon@first-unitarian-pgh.org about this publicity channel.

8. Announcements during Worship Services. In rare circumstances, events can be mentioned by a worship leader during our Sunday morning worship services. Events publicized in this way should be relevant to the entire congregation.


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