Board of Trustees

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Audrey Masalehdan (2019), President
Alison Schwartz (2019), Vice-President
Claus Makowka (2020), Treasurer 
Rebecca Studer (2018),   Secretary 

Martin Schmidt (2020), Sarah Benson (2020),Randy Weinberg (2018), Joan Harvey (2018), Cathy Rohrer (2019)

David Herndon, Minister

Financial Officers
Gordon Hargreaves, Assistant Controller
Bari Roman, Assistant Treasurer

Nominating Committee

Nick Izzo (2018), Chair
Amy deChicchis (2018), Brian Junker (2018), Corey Layman (2019), Alice Lieb (2019), Kathy Parker (2019), Jennifer Gilley (2020), Bob Mitchell (2020), Gretchen Aiyangar (2020)


Guiding Statements

Vision Statement
The goals of the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh are to (1) Build Community: Strengthen and broaden our local Unitarian Universalist community; (2) Nurture Souls: Offer diversity in worship and religious education opportunities; and (3) Cultivate Justice: Expand our collective, visible effective acts on social justice issues.

Global Ends Statement
The First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh exists so that people who share Unitarian Universalist values can gather in a liberal religious community for spiritual and intellectual growth and social transformation, with resources comparable to other thriving religious communities.

Long Range Planning Vision Statement
The First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh will be the most vibrant expression of Unitarian Universalism that it can be through effective engagement with its members, friends, and the larger community.

Governance Documents

We know some of these documents may be out of date. We thought it would be better to put what we have online and update them as the documents are approved. If you need any guidance, please reach out to any member of the board or email

Church By-Laws
By Laws (May 2017)

Board Policies
Board Policies are written and adopted by the Board of Trustees. First Unitarian Church uses a modified version of Policy Governance, which basically means that the Board of Trustees indicates the outcomes it would like to see, and then delegates day-to-day ministry responsibility and authority to the Senior Minister, who further delegates responsibility and authority to ministry team groups.

Operation Policies
 Please note that many of our  board approved  operation policies were introduced in 2009. At present, we are updating many of these policies, and they will be posted or available.

Denominational Policies

Staff Performance Evaluations
Performance evaluation meetings are held with employees and the Minister twice each year. The process is designed to evaluate an employee’s work and work together to build on strengths and develop areas needing improvement.

Come to be moved and held in mutual embrace. Come and be made whole.
First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh
605 Morewood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 621-8008     Map and directions
Worship Services
10:30 AM
Office Hours
9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Tuesday - Friday
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