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Board Report - April 2017

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Your Board of Trustees met on Wednesday, April 19. We welcomed Rob Schwartz who reported that Alex Jacob has volunteered to become our new Webmaster as our current person steps down from his 3 year term providing EXCELLENT support and service for our web site. Rob also reported on the Transportation Survey to bolster our arguments with the City of Pittsburgh that installation of bike lanes on Ellsworth will adversely impact our congregation. Over 170 forms have been completed; the data will be compiled and used during subsequent meetings of Ellsworth Ave stakeholders and a public meeting to determine the nature and fate of the Bike Lanes to be convened in May.

Chris Milcarek, Brian Junker, and Lois Hurt made presentations in support of increasing Emily’s position to 12 months, 20 hr/week to more accurately reflect the time and effort she expends for our Music program. Al Schwartz and Marty Lieb will meet with Emily to determine her druthers and this information will be shared with the Personnel and the Finance Committees to determine feasibility in the context of all the programs of the Church.

Bob Mitchell updated us on the HVAC project. The pole to receive the lines to provide the necessary electrical service has been installed. The final steps in this process will depend on Duquesne Light and contact will be made to encourage a rapid completion of the project. Bob will review the contract with Iams to determine whether we can recoup some of our exorbitant utility fees generated from the overrun of the HVAC project.

Marty Lieb reviewed the recently revised Personnel Policy. Several constructive comments were made to clarify, and the Board approved the Policy with the caveat that these comments are reflected in a version to be brought to the Board in May. The Board approved the Personnel Committee members: Annie Stunden (Chair), Marty Lieb, Peg Parsons, John Hooper, Mary Denison, and Richard Haverlack. They will serve 3 year terms and will determine how the rotation will be effected.

The Board approved two changes in the revised Bylaws as suggested during the April 2 Congregational discussion and one referencing the priority of our Articles of Incorporation in the governance of 1st Unitarian. A copy is posted on the post outside the Gallery. The option of submission of e-mail votes was discussed.

Randy Weinberg outlined the procedure for the blitz Stewardship Drive to be done on April 23 to encourage people to pledge if they have not done so or increase their pledge to minimize the projected deficit of $40,000. Look for a call for more volunteers for the Annual Budget Drive Committee that will begin work this summer for the 17-18 Pledge drive. Think about how you might help.

Bari Roman, who was elected Treasurer by the Board after Ward Kelsey officially resigned on March 23 subsequent to his serious accident in FL, presented the 1st Quarter Financial Reports showing that, other than utility bills that have essentially used funds allotted for the year, income and expenses are as budgeted. The Finance Committee continues to identify inactive accounts and develop more streamlined accounting practices and reports.

Cathy Rohrer and Bob Mitchell discussed the 1st six ‘Cottage Meetings’ moderated by members of the VIM (Vision, Identity, Ministry) Team and the HCC (Healthy Congregation Collaborative). Response has been enthusiastic and people have appeared to enjoy meeting church members with whom they are minimally acquainted and the exchange of who we are and who we want to be as a congregation. Their report will be completed in May and be used at the Board retreat (set for June 24) as the context for Long Range Planning.

Bob Mitchell and Becky Studer have agreed to organize planning for that day long meeting.

David announced that Marlee Keffer will be leaving for a full time position elsewhere at the end of April, and Autumn Detchon submitted her resignation effective July 31 as she concentrates on a full time graduate program at Pitt. Discussion of ‘re- staffing’ will begin once the LRED search/hiring process is settled.

David discussed the recent events surrounding UUA President Morales resignation, the interim ‘presidents’, and the upcoming election of a new president at GA in New Orleans. The hiring of a white, male minister over a Latino, female educator has precipitated a huge discussion about the hiring practices in the denomination and the difficulty of accomplishing equity for minorities. Black Lives UU has issued a call for congregations to hold ‘White Supremacy’ teach-ins on April 30 or May 7. David plans for 1st UU to have these discussions on May 7 from 12-1 p.m.

Joan Harvey discussed the call for annual reports from all church groups. These will be submitted to her and other Board members will assist in editing, collating, and printing to provide the congregation with an overview of the many activities and programs at our church at the annual meeting on May 21.

Minutes of the April 15 Board Meeting were approved and are posted on the large pillar just outside the library and may be found on our Church website. The Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting will be on May 17, 2017.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Studer – or

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