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Board Report for April 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Your Board of Trustees met at its usual time on April 15, 2015. Amy opened with a reading from W.E.B. DuBois on the need for imminent action. Kathy Parker announced publication of the Journal of Unitarian Universalist History, v. 38, which she edits. This volume consists of articles presented at a UU history conference in Washington, D.C. in fall 2013, sponsored by the UU History and Heritage Society. Brian announced more news of the Fantasy Auction planned as an important fundraiser for Saturday, May 30 – and urged everyone to donate items for auction and come with friends willing to spend money for the sake of fun and for the church.

In response to a concern raised by Gordon Hargreaves, effort will be taken to post the latest board minutes in the downstairs lobby in a more timely way. A Board Report from each meeting will continue to appear in the monthly Chalice. David Herndon reported that Mary Heath was gravely ill. He had been with her and Jim Reitz. [we know she died the next day].

Anne Van Cott spoke to Board members of her concern about the decision to eliminate the 9:30 service and the process behind that decision, asking in particular whether input from the 9:30 people had been solicited. Board members, along with David and Ward, responded that the Sunday Celebrations Committee and the Children’s RE Director had reported much reduced attendance in the 9:30 service and children’s RE classes. Anne asked for data on these attendance figures. Board members also spoke of the need to conserve the volunteer energies of teachers and other participants connected with the service, the need for the congregation as a whole to be together in one service, the possibility of alternative program offerings during that hour, and the idea that the 11:00 service might be re-scheduled at a compromise time like 10:30. Data will be collected on past attendance at the 9:30 service and RE; the question of the time for one service in the fall will be open for discussion by the congregation.

Rob Schwartz and Ali Masalehdan came with a proposal for a new outdoor LED sign in front of the church. Corey Layman reported that zoning regulations have banned LED signs in residential neighborhoods. All agreed that a new sign is needed, the Board thanked Rob and Ali and encouraged them to come up with another kind of sign.

Ward Kelsey gave a Treasurer’s report, noting that while we are running a deficit, pledges are coming in at a higher rate than usual for this time. He also reported on investment funds, for which he provided a print summary. Brady noted this summary should be available to future boards.

Karen Litzinger told of her experience in the Khasi Hills, India and asked the Board to formalize this long-time relationship through membership with the UU Partner Church Council. The annual membership fee is $150 and board members agreed this would be a good thing, opening up more visibility and opportunity for the outreach work we have been doing for some time.

Respectfully submitted, Kathleen Parker

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