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Board Report for May 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The May 20 meeting of your Board of Trustees began with Brady Hunsaker reading #434 in our hymnal reminding us of our connections to the universe, to our community, and to each other. Marty Lieb reminded everyone to support the Fantasy Auction scheduled for May 30 by offering items and services for auction and coming with friends prepared to bid on the items.

In this first meeting of the new board, new and ongoing members introduced themselves to each other. A discussion of leadership going forward resulted with Brady continuing as President and Kathy Parker serving as Executive Vice President for the summer. A new configuration may be necessary in the fall if/when Brady leaves for a work-related assignment in Europe. The many tasks of board leadership will be distributed among other board members to ease the burden of the job to one person. Ward will continue as Treasurer for now and will help to transfer these duties to a new person in the coming months. Pat Schuetz will continue as Secretary.

Brady turned the board’s attention to the attendance charts circulated at the Annual Meeting. All trustees agreed they indicate a downturn unique to First Church, more severe than UUA attendance trends overall. Corey Layman suggested a demographic study of losses, noting there is something in the church operation that has led some folks to withdraw their attendance or financial contribution.

Brady provided a list of items to be carried over from the previous board to the new board, among them the need to discuss possible new times for the Sunday morning service in the fall, and to examine more fully the Congregational Survey results.

David Herndon’s Minister’s Report introduced the question of whether Policy Governance, as we have been implementing it, should be examined The time and attention needed to collect the data for measuring compliance with our seven Ends (or Outcomes) distracts from other important areas of ministerial work. Moreover, David observed that the data reports are not always an accurate reflection of how well things are going. Kathy noted that other congregations who have followed this model have had to adapt it to suit their needs, or abandon it. The board will work with the Senior Minister to assess how well this model is working for us.

On Ward Kelsey’s recommendation, in that any persons given prior authorization to sell our stock holdings are deceased, the board voted to authorize Ward Kelsey as treasurer, and any who succeed him in that role, to buy, sell, trade, or conduct other transactions with our stock holdings as deemed necessary. The Parnassus Fund, which is in the Church’s Endowment Fund, will be redeemed in order to rebalance the Endowment portfolio.

In further actions, Marty Lieb reported his progress in recruiting new folks to take up leadership of the Canvass Committee; Kathy Parker offered to work with persons toward keeping our website up-to-date; and board members discussed whether to hold extra meetings over the summer to deal with matters left over from the previous board.

A new email address is established by which to contact the board: This is in response to numerous requests from the congregation. We are listening!

Faithfully submitted, Kathy Parker –

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