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Board Report – November 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Your Board has met twice since our last report. We met on Nov 2 to discuss the revised Bylaws that the Task Force has been modifying to better serve our congregation. They have been using the analysis and suggestions of our consultant, Rev. Pyle. Board members made several suggestions during the meeting, and were encouraged to submit further comments for consideration by the working group. We have also received input from several members of the Finance committee. The Task Force will integrate this information and hopes to bring the Bylaws to the congregation for their approval early in 2017. At this meeting the Board also approved 5 people to serve on the Committees that administer our Program Endowment Funds. Marty Lieb has gathered the Charters for the Funds for Ministries for Children and Youth, Social Action, Music and the Arts, and Campus Ministry and will meet with the committees early in 2017 to encourage their making the congregation aware of their ‘grant’ opportunities and the availability of monies to support these program areas on the church.

We also met for our regular monthly meeting on November 16. We welcomed Randy Weinberg to the Board to complete the term of Betty Duquesnoy. Marty Lieb discussed his participation in a UU program for writing letters to fellow UUs in prison, providing them support, encouragement, and a connection to the wider UU community.

There was some discussion of the draft web site prepared by Steven Mead for our search for our permanent LRED. The site will go public early in the New Year; many thanks to Steven for guiding the LRED search committee through this process and constructing an outstanding site. 

The Finance report highlighted the need for committee members to have remote access to Church Windows to allow work from home as we transition to multiple people handling our financial affairs. This will also allow secure backup of our records and minimize travel for those willing to take on these tasks. The ABDC reported current pledges total $391,000; this is short of our goal of $450,000. Ways to encourage members who have yet to pledge were discussed, and will be implemented in the coming weeks. If you haven’t pledged, DO IT! The Board will meet in a special session on Nov. 30 to determine how to reconcile our income and expenses to avoid a large deficit. David made several suggestions to increase revenue that included expansion of our Giant Eagle card program to include other gift cards which return a larger % of our purchase dollars to the church.

Bob Mitchell reported that he and Cathy Roher have begun discussions of approaches to the Board’s work for Strategic Planning. This will include facilitating conversations with groups of our members as to how they perceive our current programs and how they envision a church that can better serve their and our larger community’s needs. This seems especially important in the light of the recent election results; we may be called to protect and support our values in an atmosphere that is counter to many of them.

David reported progress on reactivating Pastoral Care; a core group will meet on Nov 21 to discuss ways we can better care for our congregants in times of difficulty in their lives. Work is also ongoing to constitute the ‘Connections Team’ that will take a fresh look at how we integrate new members into the life of the church and stay responsive to keeping long term members connected and well served by our programs and activities.

Ray Schinhofen reported that the garden lobby roof will be repaired in the next few weeks. Say good bye to that pealing, cracking plaster! The roof on the Mason Wing will be replaced in the spring. He led us on a tour of the building to observe the logistics and progress on the installation of the HVAC system. We also were able to see how the tv monitors would appear in the sanctuary should a video system to enhance our services and other public events is installed.

SeveralTask Forces reports were received. The Committee on Ministry Task Force is currently recruiting Members and a training session for them is scheduled for late January. Other congregations in our Cluster will be invited to take advantage of this program provided by our regional UUA office.

Minutes of the October 16 and Nov 2 meetings were approved and are posted on thelarge pillar just outside the library and may be found on our Church website. The Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting will be on November 16.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Studer – or


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