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Board Report – September 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Your Board gathered on September 16, with Joan offering opening words from Thalassa, “To the Four Directions,” found in Singing the Living Tradition. The many visitors who attended the meeting (12 in all) introduced themselves and Board members did the same. Kathy circulated the brochure for the Oct. 16-17 interfaith conference at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, “We Refuse to be Enemies: Struggle for a Just Peace in Palestine-Israel.” Kathy, Eric Anderson, and Rev. Herndon, as well as others from our church, will be attending the conference.

Discussion of the Activities Fair led to selection of the date of Nov. 8, with Betty, Becky, Joan, and Kathy organizing the event. The board agreed to endorse Stephanie Pawlowski’s application to the Commissioned Lay Leader program; Brady will sign her letter of application, due Oct. 1.

The Board returned to the topic of a geo-thermal heating/cooling system for our main building, with Corey offering a review of why that project, along with plans for a new building, was tabled. Visitors, esp. Annie Stunden for Womanspirit and Women’s Alliance, spoke in support of the geo-thermal project that would include air conditioning of the sanctuary. It was further suggested that the bids include work for other green projects, like a proper rain garden, and solar panels that would power the geo-thermal system. The Board voted to authorize Ray to get a bid on the design work to pursue these projects.

Randy Weinberg reported on the progress of the Annual Budget Drive and the upcoming Square Dance Night on Oct. 3 at Mellon Institute. A food theme will be pies, based on the idea of enlarging the giving pie to make possible more resources for all. Ward noted that all Board members have already registered “fair share” pledges, which is an encouraging sign.

The question of providing child care for 4-11 year-old children during the hour from 8:45 to 10:30 was brought to our attention. All concurred that paid child care will be a necessary component of our offerings in that hour on Sunday morning. The Forum offered some funding to help cover this expense; the church will hire & supervise caregivers through Steven Mead.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted to reviewing a preliminary draft 2016 budget, which was put together by David Herndon, Bari Roman, Gordon Hargreaves, and Ward Kelsey. Approval of the draft budget will depend on the outcome of our upcoming Stewardship Drive. The Board hopes that generous giving will be a sign of our congregation's continuing faith in the purposes we seek to fulfill as a church community.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathy Parker OR

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