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2018 All Church Picnic
Apr 2018 - The 2018 All Church Picnic will happen on Sunday, June 03 at 11:30am. Rain or Shine! Suggested donation of $5.00 a person or $20.00 a family DON’ ..

Khasi Hill Partnership Update
Apr 2018 - It was a very busy March! We celebrated Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors with an audience participation Dance Choir performance to De Colores pl ..

Special Message About General Assembly
Apr 2018 - The General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association will take place from June 20 to June 24 in Kansas City, Missouri. You can learn mo ..

Nominate new Board of Trustees!
Apr 2018 - The Nominating Committee is soliciting suggestions for candidates to fill three positions on the Board of Trustees (http://www.first-unitarian-pgh ..

Board Report - April 18, 2018
Apr 2018 - Audrey Masalehdan opened the meeting and welcomed visitors Brian and Joe Jencik. Joan Harvey’s opening words were “Words for a Leadership Team”. T ..

Legacy Gifts
Apr 2018 - From time to time, individuals may wish to make legacy gifts to First Unitarian Church. But sometimes it has not been clear just what sorts of “se ..

Your financial support in this time of transition
Apr 2018 - As we enter a time of transition this year with the upcoming departure of Rev. Herndon, we need your support to help restore some of the cuts to o ..

From Our Senior Minister ~ Rev. Dr. David Herndon
Apr 2018 - Many of you have asked questions about my departure from First Unitarian Church at the end of 2018. Here are some responses: Do you know w ..

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