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From Our Senior Minister ~ Rev. Dr. David Herndon
May 2017 - Winter is just beginning, but it is not too soon to think about summer! In the summer, there are many opportunities to expand your acquaintance with Unitarian Universalism beyond our chu ..

From Our Senior Minister ~ Rev. Dr. David Herndon
Apr 2017 -  ..

From Our Senior Minister ~ The Rev. Dr. David Herndon
Mar 2017 - On Wednesday, February 15, a representative of the Department of City Planning informed a group of church leaders that the City of Pittsburgh would like to eliminate all parking along both sides o ..

From Our Senior Minister ~ The Rev. Dr. David Herndon
Feb 2017 - Many people at First Unitarian Church are engaged in offering hospitality and building community. Here are some of them: Connections Team. The mission of the Connections Team is to ensure that ..

From Our Senior Minister ~ The Rev. Dr. David Herndon
Feb 2017 - As you may know, because of budgetary challenges, our Board of Trustees has reduced my salary by thirteen percent (13%) for 2018. Here are some of the practical adjustments I will be making i ..

Our Path to Connection, Community and Membership
Jan 2017 - Please consider taking these three steps if you would like to explore what it would mean for you to become part of First Unitarian Church. You could take these steps in order – Step One firs ..

One Hundred Days of Unitarian Universalism Begins Tomorrow!
Jan 2017 - One Hundred Days of Unitarian Universalism is a series of inspirational quotations, individual actions, and collective actions for all of us here at First Unitarian Church. Through our partic ..

Congratulations to Stephanie Pawlowski: On Her Way to Becoming a Commissioned Lay Minister!
Dec 2016 - Congratulations to Stephanie Pawlowski, who has been accepted into the Commissioned Lay Minister program of the Central East Regional Group (CERG) of the Unitarian Universalist Association! Over t ..

From Our Senior Minister ~ The Rev. Dr. David Herndon
Dec 2016 - I am so very pleased to be working with the members of our newly-revitalized Pastoral Care Team! They are: Judy Beigi Christine Beregi Margaret Fuhrman Mary Ruth (MR) Kelsey Kathy Mille ..

Message from our Minister: Black Lives Matter
Nov 2016 - As the minister of First Unitarian Church, I would like to offer the following perspective on why First Unitarian Church has chosen to display a Black Lives Matter sign. ALL LIVES MATTER! ..

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