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Board Report - November 2015
Nov 2015 - Your Board met on November 11, a week earlier than usual, because of the PIIN Annual Meeting on the 18th. Brady’s opening words reflected his recent thoughts on how the changing of the seasons rem ..

Board Report - October 2015
Oct 2015 - Your Board held its October meeting on the usual third Wednesday of the month. Marty Lieb read opening words from a Buddhist parable on grace and charity. Ward told everyone of a new series of inf ..

Board Report – September 2015
Sep 2015 - Your Board gathered on September 16, with Joan offering opening words from Thalassa, “To the Four Directions,” found in Singing the Living Tradition. The many visitors who attended the meeting (12 ..

Board Report for the Summer 2015
Aug 2015 - Your Board was very busy over the summer! The July 8 meeting began with opening words read by Becky from “Simple Morning Light.” Among announcements, Kathy noted that UUJME sought and receive ..

Board Report for May 2015
May 2015 - The May 20 meeting of your Board of Trustees began with Brady Hunsaker reading #434 in our hymnal reminding us of our connections to the universe, to our community, and to each other. Marty Lieb r ..

Board Report for April 2015
Apr 2015 - Your Board of Trustees met at its usual time on April 15, 2015. Amy opened with a reading from W.E.B. DuBois on the need for imminent action. Kathy Parker announced publication of the Journal of U ..

Board Report for December 2014
Jan 2015 - Board Report for December 2014 As most of us know by now, our pledge drive this fall has fallen short of the funding needed to cover our staff and programming costs as lai ..

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