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The Most Important Thing ~ Steven Mead

Friday, July 01, 2016
What is it? Your Most Important Thing? Becoming more intelligent? Losing 10 pounds? Eating a Mediterranean diet? Enlightenment? Baseball? Your children? Your relationships? Understanding? Your credit rating? Your spouse? Graduating from college? Buying a house? Grace? Mindfulness? Emptiness? M&M's? Not knowing? Remission from cancer? The next big sale? Enjoying life? Fulfillment? Happiness? Chocolate? Getting what you want? Being there for others? To walk humbly with your god? Love? Mystery? Making it through another day? Closing the deal? Finishing what you started? Freedom from fear? A full bowl of rice? Music? Sunrise? Doing the right thing? Respect? Honor? Duty? One more day with a loved one?
How Do You Know? Is The Most Important Thing something to know? To do? To experience? To have? How will you know if it is The Most Important Thing? Will you know it in your head? In your heart? In your body? In your soul? Will you keep second-guessing yourself about it? Will you ever find it? Are you supposed to find it? Can you strive for it? Can you seek for it, or just make room inside yourself so that when it finds you, there is a place for it to rest.
Then What? Will The Most Important Thing change from time-to-time? And once you have it, what will you do with it? Hide it? Run away from it? Bless it? Curse it? Embrace it? Die for it? Practice it? Worship it? Share it? Pass it along to someone else? So many questions. You're going to tell me what you think it is, Steven, aren't you? No, sorry. I'm not going to do that. I'm not sure I know myself. And that's OK. Because I am here with you in this Special Place. And that's one of the reasons we are here together--to come to know what is important in our lives--and to come to this knowing together. To experience it and express it in our communion and in the unfolding of our lives.
Let's find out together.
See you in church.
Steven Mead


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