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From Our Senior Minister ~ Rev. Dr. David Herndon

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

In his 1993 book, “The Relational Pulpit: Closing the Gap between Preacher and Pew,” Unitarian Universalist minister Scott Alexander wrote:

“On a typical Sunday in Plainfield, while I was waiting for the sermon to begin, I glanced around that cozy sanctuary and saw a collection of souls whom I knew to be in almost every imaginable human condition. There was Donna, whose face bore the place violence of the cancer that would soon take her life, and Henry, born-again and beaming from his recently successful by-pass surgery. There was Frank, whose whole body was tight with the fear that he might lose yet another job and more of his dwindling self-esteem, and Allen, visibly delighted about another of his successful business projects. There was Beth, whose makeup did not hide the fact that she was mourning yet another anniversary of the death of her only baby, and Nancy, whose cheeks were still joyfully flushed from the birth of the baby who quietly fed at her breast. There was adolescent Ann, whose aggressive punk hairdo and excessive jewelry did not distract from her selfloathing and loneliness, and octogenarian Alice, who wore here vivid contentment with life with the same brightness as her Scottish plaid. There sat the newly-weds aglow in their eager entanglements, and elsewhere the newly divorced sat so obviously alone in loss and fear. . . . So they come, week in and week out—not to hear elegant soliloquies or abstract intellectualizations, but to listen. They come to be touched and transformed. They come looking for hope and healing. They come to discover just a bit more life, love, and liberation in the fabric of their everyday lives.”

In that spirit, and as I begin planning the fall Sunday worship schedule, I would like to invite you to offer suggestions for sermon topics. What would you like to hear about? What would be personally meaningful to you? What would be helpful to you in your personal spiritual journey, whether you are new to First Unitarian Church or whether you have been here for many years?

You could send sermon topic suggestions to me at I look forward to hearing from you!!

See you in Church!

Rev. David

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