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From Our Senior Minister ~ The Rev. Dr. David Herndon

Thursday, October 06, 2016


Maintaining a building is not the mission of First Unitarian Church. But having an attractive and functional building enables us to carry out our mission much more effectively. Our hard-working Building Committee has accomplished a lot over the last six months. And the results make our building much more pleasant, even inspirational, than it would otherwise be!


Here are some of the projects our Building Committee has completed:
  • Repair Undercroft Gallery ceiling
  • Repair defibrillator
  •  Repaint Fahs Room office
  • Steam clean Garden Lobby slate
  • Paint plywood around air conditioners in classrooms
  • Obtain a new replacement dumpster
  • Clean out Bell Tower rooms
  • Install Memorial Garden stone
  • Install window blinds for classrooms
  • Smooth out uneven places in driveway
  • Replace trellis in Garden (special thanks to Jack Philips for this)
  • Remove marriage equality banner
  • Replace partitions in upstairs restrooms and repaint upstairs restrooms
  • Install new lights in Schweitzer Kitchen
  • Acquire outdoor furniture for garden
  • Repair stone steps in Garden
  • Purchase mulch for Memorial Garden
  • Install multimedia equipment for classrooms (Eliot, Priestley, High School)
  • Paint and provide furnishings for religious education areas (Schweitzer, Priestley, Eliot, Fahs, High School, Office, Hallway)
For nearly fifteen years, Ray Schinhofen was the sole member of the Building Committee! He accomplished a tremendous amount, including the magnificent renovation of the Sanctuary, thanks to the $200,000 Historic Urban Church grant that First Unitarian Church received from the Unitarian Universalist Association back in 2002. More recently, others have served on the Building Committee, including Bonnie Bayne, Ralph Gurley, Rev. David Herndon, Dan Laity, Betsy Martin, Steven Mead, Jack Philips, Brian Rohleder, and Frank Woolley. Others who have worked with the Building Committee on specific projects are Brian Junker, Linda Kauffman, Emily Pinkerton, and Jim Reitz. Rita Gates often interfaces with outside contractors who come to work on our building.
I would like to offer special commendation to Steven Mead, who worked with Ralph Gurley and Betsy Martin to refurbish the religious education rooms. This has been a monumental project, which involved painting, electrical work, furniture assembly and installation, carpet installation, and electronic multimedia equipment, not to mention scheduling many volunteers! It also required project management skills plus a guiding vision of how our religious education rooms could look. Thank you, Steven!
Some future projects include replacing the Garden Lobby roof and the roof over the classroom building.
Of course, another project we can all be very proud of is the geothermal heating and cooling system. That large-scale project is being managed by the Board of Trustees, with Bob Mitchell and Ray Schinhofen serving as project managers – and that will be another story for another day!
See you in our beautiful Church!
Rev. David
 P.S. If you would like to be a part of the Building Committee, please let me know!



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