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From Our Senior Minister ~ The Rev. Dr. David Herndon

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Many people at First Unitarian Church are engaged in offering hospitality and building community. Here are some of them:

Connections Team. The mission of the Connections Team is to ensure that all members and friends of First Unitarian Church are invited and encouraged to make formal and informal connections within this religious community that are personally rewarding and spiritually enriching. The Connections Team (which is replacing the Membership Committee) includes Angelika Aziz, Bonnie Bayne, Amy deChicchis, Denice Galpern, Joan Harvey, Richard Haverlack, and Mary Schinhofen. Commissioned Lay Minister candidate Stephanie Pawlowski will also be working with the Connections Team.

Covenant Group Team. This team coordinates our covenant group program, which includes about one hundred and forty people who belong to about fifteen covenant groups. Members of this team are Alice Bright, Claus Makowka, Peggy Parsons, and Jim Reitz.

Pastoral Care Team. The mission of the Pastoral Care Team is to ensure that all members and friends of First Unitarian Church receive compassionate, timely, and appropriate pastoral care. Members of the Pastoral Care Team are Judy Beigi, Chris Beregi, Jim Cunningham, Margaret Fuhrman, MR Kelsey, and Kathy Miller.

Sanctuary Preparation Team. The overall goal of the Sanctuary Preparation Team is to offer hospitality by presenting our Sanctuary as an organized, attractive, warm, and clean environment that sends a message of care and welcome. Accordingly, each Friday, different members of this team gather to “red up” the Sanctuary. This team includes Barbara Brandon, Phyllis Genszler, Linda Holsing, Louise Jencik, Jack Philips, Brian Ramsey, Ron Schulz, Frank Woolley, and Sandy Woolley.

Ushers and Greeters Team. Our ushers and greeters ensure that everyone who comes to our church on Sunday mornings receives a warm and personal welcome. We have five usher and greeter teams, each of which includes, at full strength, eight people. Two additional people have agreed to serve as substitutes. The First Sunday Team includes Joan Adibi, Chrisie Ambrass, Sarah Benson (Team Captain), Maureen Doody, Ron Schulz, Annette Steen, and Harold Wood. The Second Sunday Team includes Jan Carlino, Maureen Doody, Kimberly Francis, Mary Kostalos, Paul Kuntz, Ali Masalehdan (Team Captain), Will Snavely, and Glenn Springer. The Third Sunday Team includes Alexander Jacob, Jesse Jacob, Tim Parks, Jim Pashek, Louie Portella, Brian Rohleder, Rob Schwartz (Team Captain), and Mary Weidner. The Fourth Sunday Team includes Herbert Barry, Alice Bright, Phyllis Genszler, Ward Kelsey, MR Kelsey (Team Captain), Bob Mitchell, Chas Murray, and Jack Philips. The Fifth Sunday Team includes Este Armstrong, Eleanor Mayfield, Kathy Miller (Team Captain), Arthur Notaro, and Tom Strauman. Our Substitute Team includes Carl Bonner and Ebe Emmons.

I am enormously grateful to the fifty-nine people who serve on the Connections Team, the Covenant Group Team, the Pastoral Care Team, the Sanctuary Preparation Team, and the Ushers and Greeters Team! But even these fifty-nine people cannot all by themselves provide all the hospitality that we need to provide to one another and to our guests, nor can they all by themselves do everything that needs to be done to build a deeper sense of community at our church. Everyone in our church needs to be on board with regard to offering hospitality and building community everyone who comes to our church.
See you in Church, where I hope you will find a warm welcome and an invitation into community!

~Rev. David


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