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From Our Senior Minister ~ The Rev. Dr. David Herndon

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

As you may know, because of budgetary challenges, our Board of Trustees has reduced my salary by thirteen percent (13%) for 2018. Here are some of the practical adjustments I will be making in response to this change. (I will add that the Board generously opted to keep my benefits going throughout the year despite the drop in salary, and for that I am grateful!) First, I will essentially be on unpaid leave for about six weeks during 2018. (Six weeks is about thirteen percent of a full year of fifty-two weeks.) I will do my best to schedule these weeks at times when they will not interfere with regularly scheduled responsibilities. Second, I will arrange for more frequent guest speakers on Sunday mornings, both from the congregation and from the larger community. (If you are interested in presenting a sermon, please see the adult faith development class described elsewhere in this newsletter called “The Shared Pulpit: A Sermon Seminar for Lay People.”) Third, I will seek to strengthen the lay leadership of the ministry teams I work with so that these teams can continue to function even when I may not be available. Fourth, I will plan further ahead with program staff members so that they can continue with their responsibilities even when I may not be available. Fifth, I will communicate clearly with the congregation about times when I would not be available. Six weeks of unpaid leave in 2018 means that I would be off the clock for one week every two months. With a little patience, forbearance, and resourcefulness, I’m sure we can all find a way to manage that.

Your part-time minister (seven-eighths to be more precise),

Rev. David Herndon

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