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From Rev. David Herndon

Thursday, October 01, 2015

One of the best ways to build strength and vitality within our church community is for church members and friends to become better acquainted with one another. And one of the best ways for people to become better acquainted with one another is through one-on-one conversations.

Having informal conversations with church members and friends is something I have done throughout my ministry with First Unitarian Church, but in recent months I have become much more intentional about this practice. I have already had the pleasure of getting together for a conversation with many church members and friends in recent months, and I look forward to having a conversation with everyone else in the near future!

One-on-one conversations are used extensively in community organizing, and the Pennsylvania Interfaith Impact Network (PIIN) definitely encourages social justice activists to use this method of bringing people together. Thus, members of our newly-formed PIIN / UUPLAN Bridge Team will be conducting one-on-one conversations with many people at our church as part of their base-building work, and I hope you will respond positively to an invitation from them. I will be encouraging all of our social action groups to use one-on-one conversations to advance their work as well.

Our Membership Committee may also start using one-on-one conversations to build strength and vitality within our church community. They would like to meet with our new members for six-month and twelve-month check-in conversations. But they would also like to check in with other members of our church from time to time. I hope you will respond positively to an invitation from them.

Even though you may not be part of our social justice ministry, and even though you may not be part of the Membership Committee, you can still help build strength and vitality within our church community by getting together with someone for a one-on-one conversation. You could meet at a coffeehouse like Starbucks or a restaurant like Panera. You don’t have to have an agenda; you don’t have to talk about church business; you can just see where the conversation takes you. I think you will be pleasantly surprised how enjoyable it is to become better acquainted with another person in our church community, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the insights your conversation will provide for both of you.

See you in Church! Or at Starbucks! Or at Panera! Or somewhere else!


We will be honoring veterans of the United States Armed Forces at our worship celebration on Sunday, November 8. If you are a veteran, please plan to be present on this Sunday. The veterans we know about are:

  • Lester Becker
  • Thorne Hays
  • Richard Oswant
  • Jamie Sloan
  • Harold Wood
  • Helen Gerhardt
  • Stuart Olmsted
  • Jay Powell
  • Kurt Summersgill
  • Frank Woolley

If you are a veteran but you are not on this list, please contact Rev. David Herndon at or 412-621-8008, extension 102. Thanks!

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