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From Your Board of Trustees - October 2016

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Your Board met for their regular monthly meeting on September 21. The first order of business was a respectful, considered, discussion of revisions of our Public Witness Policy that clarify the process for individuals or groups to represent the congregation in public witness actions. The new Policy specifically includes the process for approval of banners or signs on church property or statements posted on our web site. We welcomed the thoughtful suggestions of Sandra Wooley from the PIIN-UUPLAN bridge team. Cathy Rohrer will refine and distribute the resulting policy to the Board for approval.

Ray Schinhofen and Bob Mitchell reported on the progress of our Geothermal heat pump system. The test well was successful and materials for the well casings as well as other components of the new system have been ordered. Bob showed us the new sign that will be installed to explain to the public why our lawn appears to be under construction. Ray presented a bid for the repair of the garden lobby roof that will permanently correct the chronic leak problem and a bid for replacement of the leaky roof on the Mason Wing. He will obtain 2 more bids and then chose a contractor to complete this work. The Board approved up to $75,000 for this critical maintenance of our building.

Steven Mead reported on the renovation of our classrooms and requested an additional $7000 to complete the project. The Board approved this request and applauded Steven for initiating and implementing this work. If you haven’t seen the changes, take a tour and be impressed! Kudos to Steven and all those who helped make this transformation possible.

The Board endorsed the recommendation of the Finance Committee to change the structure and function of our financial governance to that advised by our UUA consultant Rev. David Pyle. Although the changes for the most part will not be effective until the first of 2017, this endorsement allows for smooth transition to the new organization leading up to complete implementation in January.

Several Task Forces reports were received.

The Personnel Policy task force (Marty Lieb, Betty Duquesnoy), have completed their initial recommendations which will be discussed and edited with Rev. David in the coming weeks.

The Committee on Ministry task force (Audrey Masalehdan, Bob Mitchell, Ebe Emmons) anticipates that our new Committee on Ministry will be recruited and functioning by January.

The LRED Task Force has met with the LRED search committee and asked for and the Board approved a change in the LRED Position Description.

The Church Management Software Task Force (Bari Roman, Al Schwartz) reported on their analysis of several possible systems. Their evaluation will continue in consultation with the staff and volunteers who will eventually use the system.

The Task Force for revitalizing and coordinating volunteerism, and restructuring the Membership Team (Michelle Coyne, Joan Harvey, Becky Studer, David Herndon) reported on the conclusions from several meetings and will present their final recommendations at the October or November Board meeting. It was noted that there is a great need for folks to step up and serve on several ‘teams,’ including Membership and Building; if you have an interest in serving with these or other groups please contact us at board@first-

The Board received a request for support of Kathy Parker’s presentation of a paper on nineteenth -century First Unitarian Church minister, Mordecai De Lange at the UU History and Heritage Convocation, Minneapolis, MN, Oct. 27-30, 2016: “Beyond Boundaries: Controversies,

Frontiers, and Growth in Unitarian Universalism,” sponsored by the UU History and Heritage Society (UUHHS) and UU Collegium. Joan Harvey volunteered that the Forum would gladly help the Board support this project, and we look forward to Kathy bringing her work to the congregation as part of a worship service and as a Forum presentation.

Minutes of the August 17 meeting were approved and are now posted on the large pillar just outside the library and may be found on our Church website. Don’t forget-the Cluster Assembly will be held at 1st Unitarian on November 5. The Board’s next regularly scheduled meeting will be on October 19.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Studer – or

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