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We Trust You With the Holy Things-Steven Mead

Sunday, November 01, 2015

The title comes from one of my favorite quotes from Lutheran pastor, Nadia Bolz-Weber. There are lots of holy things around a church--around a life, too. Most of the holy things I deal with run around on two legs, often with a parent chasing after them--both pursued and pursuer are holy.

I found another favorite saying falling out of my mouth today: “The gods laugh loudest when we mortals seek perfection.” What are your 
expectations around your church experience? Your life? Perfection?

◊ Everyone will be nice to me today. Maybe.
◊ As the hymn says "May nothing evil cross this door." Perhaps.
◊ The worship service will be the high-point of my Sunday morning. Perhaps. Maybe it will be a different gift, like listening to a friend lament.      Or paying a parking ticket.
◊ My children will have an amazing time in religious education today. Nothing will go wrong. Everyone will behave. I will always agree with        the material as it is presented. The teacher will be Awesome, Infallible.

Such a list could go on for quite a while. I know. I have come to church with a list like this time and again. I should know better. There are lots of
failure points running a church: communication, emotion, expectation, not to mention 500 people with a thousand opinions. Will we get it right every Sunday? Probably not, Will the day always be awesome? I wish. Will our judgement and discernment really be infallible? Hmm.

My point is this: maybe we should just let our days unfold--be present to their messages and the mystery. Maybe we should be kind to ourselves--
give ourselves permission to fail and most importantly, give those to whom we entrust our holy things our compassion and our support, and speak truth with love directly to those with whom we have issue. Perhaps then the gods will not laugh so loudly at us.

Steven Mead
Interim Director of Ministries with Children and Youth 

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