Child Dedication Ceremonies

Sometimes called christenings or naming ceremonies, Child Dedication Ceremonies at First Unitarian Church provide opportunities for parents to express their devotion to their children in the presence of family, friends, and our entire congregation.

We generally schedule Child Dedication Ceremonies during our Sunday morning worship celebrations. Please contact Rev. David Herndon, our Senior Minister, to work out a date. While not every Sunday worship celebration can accommodate a Child Dedication Ceremony, most Sundays can work quite well for this purpose.

Many Child Dedication Ceremonies are for babes-in-arms, but we can conduct Child Dedication Ceremonies for older children as well.

We have provided examples of our standard Child Dedication Ceremonies for boys and girls. You will find a series of suggested readings; please choose one of these for your ceremony. You will also find that the ceremony includes a series of questions, including questions for parents, godparents, older brothers and sisters, friends and family, and the congregation.

Child Dedication Ceremony for Girls | Child Dedication Ceremony for Boys

We wish you great joy in your family, and we hope that a Child Dedication Ceremony can be one way that First Unitarian Church can provide support and affirmation for both parents and children!

If your family is not part of our congregation and you are not planning to join First Unitarian Church, a Child Dedication Ceremony can be scheduled at another time, typically on Sunday afternoon in the Sanctuary.

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