Faith Development

A Life of Sacred Purpose | A Transformative Life

At First Unitarian, we believe that a life of sacred purpose contains at its core, elements of reverence, right relationship, service, and lifelong learning. To make this balance possible for you, we offer

Said another way, our lifelong learning curricula is this church and what we do here. We actively encourage your participation in these four core activities. We promote both action and contemplation in our lives. We must change ourselves so that we can belong to the world.

Adult Faith Development
We offer balanced content and spiritual practices from the world's great religions and wisdom traditions, informed by our distinct Unitarian Universalist perspective.

Young Adult & Campus Ministry
Our young adult group strives to create a safe space for spiritual growth, discussion, worship, and reflection; promote justice, equity, and compassion in human relations; and create a diverse but unified voice of spiritually alive, radically inclusive, and justice-centered young adults.

Children and Youth Program
We may be teaching children, but we are raising people. When our children’s journey with First Unitarian is over, if we have done religious education skillfully, they will know they are whole and complete, derived from and integrated into all that is, and worthy and capable of unconditional love. We are here to journey with you and your children as we search for truth, overcome injustice, and live our faith.

Covenant Groups
First Unitarian covenant groups consisting of 6-12 people meet regularly, usually monthly, to reflect on and discuss significant life topics. Over time, participants build deep connections with one another, with the congregation and with the sacred.

Sunday Morning FORUM
Our Sunday morning lecture series is features presentations on topical issues given by distinguished individuals from our congregation and from local universities, organizations, businesses and government.

Path to Membership
Our Path to Membership involves a series of gatherings for personal spiritual exploration; an overview of church history, groups and activities; and information about become a member of this church.

Once a month, our bookstore offers an array of publications and jewelry for Unitarian Universalist. CDs and children's books round out the inventory.

Our llibrary offers books on theology, bible studies, the history of Unitarianism and Universalism, biographies, women's studies, social issues, meditation manuals, poetry and much more.

Come to be moved and held in mutual embrace. Come and be made whole.
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