The First Unitarian Church Library is located on the lower level of the charch across from the Undercroft Gallery. The books in the library (which is always open) may be borrowed by members of the church and returned in a timely manner.

The subject matter available varies widely: theology, bible studies, the history of Unitarianism and Universalism, biographies, women's studies, social issues, meditation manuals, poetry and much more. An inviting conference table where the reader may study or research enhances the charm of this tiny tucked-away First Church library.

How to Borrow a Book
The instructions for the process are on view in the library and are based upon the honor system, whereby the person taking the book writes down his or her contact information in a special book that is kept on the mantel above the "fireplace," and the card from inside the book is placed in a special box nearby.

Sunday Morning Forum Archives
Past Forums are available on loan in the library for viewing at other times. We have instituted a Program to allow our speakers to present their material uninterrupted except for clarification until the question and answer period. Learn more about our Sunday Morning Forum.

Children's Library
Our Children’s library collection is housed in our new bookshelves in the Mason Wing Hallway. Checking out material is simple! Visit often!

We will gladly accept donations of new reading material from the UUA Bookstore, InSpirit. Please see the Lifespan Religious Education Director for details.

Come to be moved and held in mutual embrace. Come and be made whole.
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