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Our Path to Connection, Community, and Membership involves three gatherings that provide opportunities for personal spiritual exploration, an overview of the history of Unitarian Universalism and the history of First Unitarian Church, an introduction to our groups and activities, and information about how to become an official member of First Unitarian Church.

Please consider taking these three steps if you would like to explore what it would mean for you to become part of First Unitarian Church. The sessions are led by Rev. David Herndon and members of the Connections Team. Childcare is available at the Sunday afternoon sessions if you let us know at least a week in advance that you will need childcare.

Step One: Getting to Know UU
New to First Unitarian church? Come and get acquainted! Our minister, Rev. David Herndon, will make a brief presentation about First Unitarian Church and about Unitarian Universalism, and then there will be time for questions. This is forty-five minute session is held after a Sunday Service in the Schweitzer Room.

Step Two: Unitarian Universalism as a Spiritual Path
This two hour session will include (1) opportunities for personal spiritual exploration; (2) an overview of the basic spiritual affirmations of Unitarian Universalism; (3) an introduction to our groups and activities; and (4) information about how to become an official member of First Unitarian Church.

Step Three: Becoming a Member: Covenanting with First Unitarian Church
Please attend this thirty-minute gathering if you are ready to take the step of becoming an official member of First Unitarian Church! We will briefly review our mission statement, our behavioral covenant, and our hopes for your membership. We will also discuss stewardship and the new member welcoming ceremony. The membership book will be available to sign along with financial contribution forms.

At First Unitarian Church, we create conditions that lead you to a life of balance, wholeness, and fulfillment.  We believe that a life of sacred purpose contains at its core, elements of reverence, right relationship, service, and lifelong learning.  To make this balance possible for you, we offer interwoven experiences of meaningful worship, opportunities for deep connection with others, engagement with the wider world, and spiritual practice and study based on the world's great religions and wisdom traditions. Informed by our distinct Unitarian Universalist perspective, we strive to transform you so that, together, we may transform the world. Join us in this great calling.

Dates and Registration

Our upcoming orientation dates are listed in The Chalice, our monthly newsletter. You can register by filling out the online form, or contact our Program Assistant, Cicely Moultrie.

Come to be moved and held in mutual embrace. Come and be made whole.
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