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Becoming a Member of First Unitarian Church

If you have decided that you would like to become a member of First Unitarian Church, you are invited to sign our membership book which is available on the first and third Sundays of each month after church in the Semple Room. Someone from the Membership Committee will be there to guide you through the simple process of joining our religious community.

We encourage you to attend a newcomers orientation session to help you become better acquainted with Unitarian Universalism and with First Unitarian Church.

We encourage you to get involved in the life of this religious community by joining a music performance group, a supper club, an affinity group, or a covenant group. You can begin to get acquainted with people in this congregation by participating in the gatherings of a group.

We have high expectations of our members here at the First Unitarian Church or Pittsburgh:

We expect you to attend church regularly.
Regular attendance at church enables us to connect with one another and with the spiritual life of this community.

We expect you to pursue your own personal spiritual growth.
We believe that each of us is responsible for working toward our own spiritual growth, seeking our own understanding of life's purpose and meaning within the context of a caring and thoughtful religious community. For this reason, we ask all members of First Unitarian Church to become part of a covenant group, a music performance group, or some other affinity group within this church.

We expect you to offer service to this church and to the larger community.
Each of us is encouraged to put our faith into action. When you become a member of this church, you become part of a shared ministry. Becoming part of our shared ministry includes caring for one another and caring for our religious community as a whole. Becoming part of our shared ministry also includes social justice ministry or social service ministry with the larger community.

We expect you to offer generous financial support to this church.
Membership in our religious community carries with it the expectation that all of us will make financial contributions reflecting our own personal circumstances and the church's aspirations toward greater fulfillment of our mission. We ask that all members of First Unitarian Church make a "fair share" pledge of at least three percent (3%) of total household income.

We look forward to you becoming an active member of our church community!


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