Adult Faith Development

Register for classes so we can accommodate everyone, and if food is offered it lets us know how much is needed!
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Our program currently consists of several recurring offerings supporting life stages and Unitarian Universalist identity; we also host a variety of special programs based on those being offered in the surrounding community, special interest expressed by members, or other opportunities. We strive to schedule our programming to accommodate the differing needs of families, young adults, students, and older adults.

Child care is frequently offered, or can be requested with one week's advance notice if not. This service is offered free of charge to our community as part of our ministry to everyone at every life stage!

If you have any additional needs you would like facilitators or staff to know about, such as mobility issues or learning style accommodations, please let us know and we will do our best to make sure everyone has access to lifespan faith development at our church.


The Abrahamic Faiths (UU Identity, World Religions)
Schedule to come soon

This year, children and youth will be exploring the Abrahamic faiths as they delve into the Judeo-Christian Roots portion of their three-year thematic rotation. This year, for the first time, we are doing two new things:

  1. Expanding our exploration across the lifespan and generations of our congregation, so that all can participate, and
  2. Expanding our understanding of the Abrahamic faiths to include Islam, and exploring Unitarian Universalist early roots as a neighboring faith during the rise of Christian Trinitarianism.

We will offer opportunities to engage with and follow along these same explorations with recommended reading, discussion groups, presentations, worship, and more!

Unitarian Universalist History Video Series (UU Identity)
October - May; 1st Wed @ 1pm - 3:15pm and 7pm - 9:15pm; 4th Sun @ 9am - 10:15am and 1pm - 3:15pm

Long, Strange Trip: A Journey through Two Thousand Years of Unitarian Universalist History by Ron Cordes. This 6-part video and discussion series will take you from the very earliest roots of Unitarianism and Universalism to the denomination that exists today, exploring the martyrs, heretics, writers, leaders, and revolutionaries that helped establish this liberal religion. We offer this program at least twice a year.

Wilderness Journey: What Happened in Boston by Ron Cordes. Historian and narrator Ron Cordes returns in this documentary that covers the participation of Unitarian Universalism in the Civil Rights movement of the ‘60s, and the Black Empowerment controversy that resulted. This important film will orient participants to the work that still needs to be done in the denomination, and provide context for the hopeful efforts we are making today to repair the mistakes of the past.

Child care is provided on Wednesday if requested with 1 week notice. Child care is provided on Sundays.

ACLU Pittsburgh Training Series (Social Action)
Schedule to come soon

Selected classes will be offered from the following topics based on general interest:

Intersectional Identity (UU Identity, Social Action)
Schedule to come soon

This year, we will also be exploring and delving into our identities as a community through a variety of common book reads, worship experiences, and special programs. As we strive to reach the next stages in being a welcoming congregation to all who walk through our doors, we acknowledge that many of us have identities that intersect, creating complex social interactions in our lives and communities.

Naming, owning, and where comfortable, sharing these intersectional parts of ourselves allows us to see through facades of presumed sameness, creating a community that is truly authentic, inclusive, and welcoming. To do the work of welcoming others, we must first understand who we are and bring our full selves to that work.

This topic is in line with the Vision and Ministry (VIM) team’s priorities as gleaned from a series of conversations with members of our community.

Soul Matters Themes in Worship & Small Group Ministry
Schedule to come soon

The Soul Matters themes are a list of monthly themes being concurrently explored with multiple congregations all over in worship, small groups, book clubs, personal exploration, and more. We follow these themes mainly in our worship and some of our covenant groups. Soul Matters themes are solicited from across the denomination and are chosen annually.

Sunday Morning FORUM
Sundays at 9:30am

FORUM, the Sunday morning lecture series held at First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh, features presentations on topical issues given by distinguished individuals from our congregation and from local universities, organizations, businesses and government.

Young Voices for the Planet (Climate Action)
Schedule to come soon

Film screening and discussion

**A.C.T.I.O.N. – A regional workshop for educators, parents, religious education professionals, volunteers, youth leaders, and anyone interested in empowering youth to take action in their communities. Presents the A.C.T.I.O.N. curriculum.

Come to be moved and held in mutual embrace. Come and be made whole.
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