Caring Community

Pastoral care is available to all members and friends, new and longstanding. 

Contact the minister, the church office, the Director of Religious Education, a musical group, or your covenant group, when you or someone you know is in need of support or care. Please contact our minister with pastoral life issues, to be included in the pastoral prayer on Sunday morning, or about memorial services.

Cook It Forward Meals
Homemade meals are homepare available in our church freezer. Please let Mary Ruth (MR) Kelsey, (412-362-1514) or the church office know you'd like to put together a meal for one of our congregants.

Comfort Quilts
Two beautiful comfort quilts have been created by First U quilters. These washable quilts can be loaned to members and friends who seek comfort as they cope with illness, loss or other difficult life events. Please contact the church office or Mary Ruth Kelsey.

Marion's Purse
Marion's Purse has practical resources to share. We have Giant Eagle cards to help with financial and life needs. Please contact Rev. Herndon in confidence.

Durable Medical Equipment Loan Program
If you have items to loan or need to borrow something, please contact Jim Reitz at

Pastoral Care Team
Pastoral Care Team members brings deep compassion as well as a mix of formal training and practical experience to their pastoral ministry with our congregation. The mission of the Pastoral Care Team is to ensure that all members and friends of First Unitarian Church receive compassionate, timely, and appropriate pastoral care.

Addictions Ministry Sharing Group
On the fourth Sunday of each month at 11:45 am during the regular church year, we gather to share our experiences as addicts and family and friends of addicts. We celebrate our successes, share our challenges and look forward with hope. We encourage all who have been touched by addiction to join us in a caring environment as we share experiences. Contact Jim at 412-606-1813 or

Other recommended community website links: Addiction Resource, which promotes health through education ( and, a group of professionals helping those struggling with alcoholism ( 

Gathering of Men
The Men’s Group meets the second Wednesday each month, 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. We have volunteer leaders. Men sign up for a date to lead and pick their own topics. If they don't want to sign up there is no pressure to do so. The Leaders don’t “give a speech,” or necessarily talk a lot, but get the discussion started. Topics are very widely ranging, usually issues related to men's lives: wills, family relationships, key events in our lives, issues with mothers, sons and fathers, dying, and many unusual topics. We don’t attempt to be a “support group,” type of gathering, but the group is very “supportive” to the men who come regularly. It is not uncommon that a man has come and described a personal concern, grief or joy and stated he came specifically that night because this was weighing on him and he wanted to feel the support of the other men. The group can and does provide that. We have a lot of fun and laughter. It isn’t learning from the topics that is most valued. It’s the sharing of ideas and thoughts and a chance to express our feelings and concerns to other men and get some feedback, which most of us find of value. Meetings are very low key, friendly and very beneficial. We average 10 to 15 in attendance most meetings. We encourage new men to check out the group. There are no dues, membership or other requirements – just show up. You might come and decided it isn’t for you. That's OK. Contact: Jim Reitz at or 412-521- 6575.

WomainSpirit is the evening women’s group at First Unitarian Church. Womanspirit meets at 6:30pm on the second Wednesday of every month for a potluck dinner in a member’s home. We welcome new members and friends of First Unitarian Church. Contact: Pat Schuetz at

Women's Alliance
The mission of the Women’s Alliance is to enable Unitarian Universalist women to join together for mutual support, personal growth and spiritual enrichment, and through their combined strength and vision, to work toward a future where all women will be empowered to live their lives with a sense of wholeness and integrity in a world at peace that recognizes the worth and dignity of each individual. The Women’s Alliance was founded in July 1891. Over the years, this group of church women has met the changing needs of its members and many needs of the church and surrounding community. Meetings are held the first and third Thursdays each month from September through May. Enjoy coffee at 10:00 a.m., a short business meeting at 10:30 a.m., and a unique program of guest speakers from 11:00 a.m. -- 12:00 p.m., followed by a brownbag lunch. All are welcome! Contact Annie Stunden, co-chair,, 412-992-1313 or Naomi Crain, co-chair,, 412-441-1926.

Covenant Group Team
The Covenant Group Team is responsible for keeping the Covenant Group program running smoothly. They run orientations and place members wishing to be in a Covenant Group with a group seeking members or starting new groups as needed. The committee also tracks group membership and helps existing groups resolve problems with group dynamics and misunderstandings about what is expected to happen in a group. Membership is by appointment from the team or the Minister.

Social Events Team
The Social Events Team plans and prepares food for four major events in our church year: Ingathering, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and the June Picnic. We welcome anyone who likes to shop, chop, cook, and simply meet new people. Contact Michelle Coyne.

Transitions Group
"Transitions Gather-In", a group of folk talking about life transitions, the challenges we face as we get older, as we want to down-size, as we find living in our homes harder, as we just want to make our lives simpler, meets every second Mondays at 10:00am. Please come if you would like to talk about these life issues with us. Contact MR Kelsey or Bob Sullivan.

Come to be moved and held in mutual embrace. Come and be made whole.
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