Operational Committees

Our Operational committees keep our church operating smoothly. The Operational Committees report to the Board of Trustees. For policies, meeting meetings, or to schedule a time with the board, please visit the Board of Trustees page.

Endowment Committee
Contact Claus Makowka

Healthy Congregation Collaborative
To enhance the Shared Ministry of the congregation, the HCC collects feedback and concerns from congregants that can lead to recommendations, resolution of conflict and healthy communication overall. Members of the Collaborative are Ebe Emons, Joe Jencik, Linda Kauffman, Jim Reitz, and Jean Schmidt. Please feel free to share your questions, comments and concerns with them.

Investment Committee
The Investment Committee is responsible for supervising the investement of funds held by the Endowment Fund, as described by article VI of the Church Bylaws. The Investment Committee also provides advice on investment of large gifts received by the church. The committee meets between 1 and 4 times a year. The committee consists of 5 members who are appointed by the board annually and always incldues at least two board members. This is specified in the Church Bylaws. Contact Claus Makowka.

Fantasy Auction Committee
This group plans and organizes a fundraining auction every few years. Contact David Doorley.

Marketing and Communications
This committee oversees signage, social media, email marketing, and web sites of the First Unitarian Church. If you have updates to this web site, please use the Web Change Form. Contact Rob Schwartz.

Nominating Committee
This committee meets once a year to discuss possible nominees for the Board and the Nominating Committee. After discussion, we vote on the proposed candidate, rank them by that outcome, and phone them Members are appointed for 3 year terms. Contact Nick Izzo.

Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee is a Board level committee and advises the Board as well as the senior minister regarding church personnel considerations and practices. The Personnel Committee is responsible for the Personnel Policy Manual. The committee assures that position descriptions are in place and appropriate, facilitates the performance review process and serves the church staff in resolving personnel related issues. Members of the committee are appointed by the Church Board. Current members are Mary Denison (chair), John Hooper, Peggy Parsons, Kevin Neveras-Walker, and Jane MacLeod.

Right Relations Committee
This Committee works to ensure that all participants in the activities of our religious community are equally welcomed, respected, and affirmed. The committee works proactively and also responds to concerns and grievances. By appointment of the Senior Minister. Contact Rev. David Herndon.

Safe Congregation Committee
This committee reviews safety policies to improve the safety of children, youth, and adults at chruch and responds to cases of concern regarding safety. The committee may also implement preventive steps and provide new or revised safery guidelines. By appointment of the Lifespan Religious Education Director and the Senior Minister.

Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship committee connects with members and friends in order to assure annual financial resources for the standard operating budget. Members are welcome to join. Contact Randy Weinberg.

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