Sunday Celebrations

The Sunday Worship teams coordinate our worship services in partnership with staff members, includes the following:

The Sunday Celebrations Team
The Sunday Celebrations Team welcomes congregants and visitors to the sanctuary on Sundays as part of the service (connecting), demonstrates how our congregation shares ministry by being an integral part of the service (inspiring), models a calm, thoughtful and appreciative demeanor (inspiring), provides reliable Sunday participation and fosters a warm, welcoming sense of community (serving). By appointment of the Senior Minister. Contact Louise Jencik.

Members of the Sunday Celebrations Committee are Chrissie Ambrass, Logan Bialik, Rev. David Herndon, Louise Jencik (chair), Brian Junker (music arts team member), Ward Kelsey, Stephanie Pawlowski, Michael Safran (dramatic arts team member), Mary Schinhofen (verbal arts team member), and Scott Smith.

Connections Team
The Connections Team greets visitors, participates in Mermbership Orientation, connects each new member with a First Friend, and encourages each person in the congregation to reach out with a warm hello and extend a personal invitation to the social hour to someone who is visiting or is a newcomer. Anyone interested in building a welcoming, inclusive community is welcome to join the team.

Ushers and Greeters Team
This team has many members who provide a personal greeting as people enter the church on Sundays, hand out Orders of Service, identify first-time visitors and welcome them, provide resources to visitors and existing members, reliably provide a sense of community for people entering church, and assist in plate collection. Open to all members. Contact Rev. David Herndon.

Sanctuary Preparation Team
This team prepares the Sanctuary for our Sunday services, included the hymn books and the sound system.

Community Table Team
This team organizes the food and drink tables for the social hour following each Sunday service. They help set up and clean up, and provide and monitor sign-up sheets. They also shop for supplemental food and have a group that gets together to back.

Come to be moved and held in mutual embrace. Come and be made whole.
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