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Worship Celebrations in April at 10:30 AM

SUNDAY, April 2 

Nick Page. "Music as a Verb"

We welcome to our Sanctuary this morning Nick Page, a remarkably talented song leader, conductor, performer, and composer. This participatory worship celebration will be appealing, accessible, and worthwhile for people of all ages and all musical abilities. Please come to church for a not-to-be-missed morning of musical joy!

SUNDAY, April 9 | Palm Sunday & Passover

 The Rev. Dr. David Herndon, Senior Minister. "The Path of Promise"

The stories of Palm Sunday and Passover both point toward promising journeys which contain unexpected challenges. Using these stories as guides, how might we move forward into our own promising journeys with both determination and humility? Assisting with our worship celebration this morning will be members of our Christian Fellowship. 

FRIDAY, April 14 at 7:30 PM | Maundy Thursday & Good Friday
 The Rev. Dr. David Herndon, Senior Minister. "End of the Road"
 This service retraces the last few days of the life of Jesus and offers us a way to find our own Unitarian Universalist meanings in the ancient stories. The Maundy Thursday portion of the service is the one time of the year when First Unitarian Church offers communion, but you certainly do not have to be Christian to appreciate the many meanings of this occasion. The Good Friday (or Tenebrae) portion of the service provides an opportunity for deep meditation on the ways our society may fall short of its ideals, and perhaps how we may fall short of our own personal ideals as well. We are then invited to hold that creative spiritual tension until the joy and hope and renewal of Easter.
SUNDAY, April 16 | Easter Sunday
 The Rev. Dr. David Herndon, Senior Minister. "As the World Begins Again"
 Here is the text for our multigenerational Easter celebration. It is from a poem by Jan Richardson.

This blessing
 will not fix you,
 will not mend you,
 will not give you
 false comfort;
 it will not talk to you
 about one door opening
 when another one closes.
 It will simply
 sit itself beside you
 among the shards
 and gently turn your face
 toward the direction
 from which the light
 will come,
 gathering itself
 about you
 as the world begins
 FRIDAY, April 23
 The Rev. Dr. David Herndon, Senior Minister. "Worship as a Spiritual Journey"
 What is the purpose of our Sunday morning gatherings? What outcome are we seeking? Do our worship celebrations have a meaningful structure, or are they just random collections of words and music? Pittsburgh native Annie Dillard once wrote, “It is madness to wear ladies’ straw hats and velvet hats to church; we should all be wearing crash helmets.” What could she have possibly meant by that? We will celebrate the Bridging Ceremony for our high school seniors this morning.

FRIDAY, April 30 | Earth Sunday
 The Green Sanctuary Team.
 We welcome to our pulpit this morning members of our Green Sanctuary Team who will lead us in a celebration of Earth Sunday.

You are invited and welcome to come to our church. We hope this brief introduction can help you.

If you have suggestions on future services or would like to help with the service, please contact one of the many Sunday Celebration Teams.

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For Worship Leaders
Download the Worship Celebration Worksheet and about Multicultural Worship at First Unitarian Church.

Come to be moved and held in mutual embrace. Come and be made whole.
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