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SUNDAY, August 6 

Rev. David Herndon, Senior Minister. “Radical Hospitality: Worshiping Together.”

 How can we share worship experiences together that hold meaning for all of us despite our theological differences, our cultural differences, and our different patterns of worship energy?

SUNDAY, August 13

 Rev. David Herndon, Senior Minister. “Radical Hospitality: Being Imperfect Together.”

 How do we handle our own imperfection? And how do we handle imperfection in others? Does imperfection make us unacceptable? What does our Universalist theology say about imperfection and acceptability?

SUNDAY, August 20

 Rev. David Herndon, Senior Minister. “Radical Hospitality: Being Five Generations Together.”

 How can we be a multigenerational community, embracing five generations of people who have had different historical experiences and who are at different places in their spiritual journeys?

SUNDAY, August 27

 Rev. David Herndon, Senior Minister. “Radical Hospitality: Building the Beloved Community Together.”

 Sometimes we say that as Unitarian Universalists, we are united by our shared values rather than a shared theology. But what if we do have somewhat different values with regard to social justice? Moreover, our values can be a moving target: as John White Chadwick said in 1894, “We have all been on the move. The most conservative today would have been radicals among us fifty, forty, even thirty years ago.”




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