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SUNDAY, February 5 | Black History Month

The Rev. Dr. David Herndon, Senior Minister. "Spiritual Ancestry, Spiritual Identity, Spiritual Depth"

 How have previous generations of your family shaped your spiritual identity? Aside from what you received from your family, what other personal experiences or religious traditions have you drawn from to create your particular spiritual identity? Our living Unitarian Universalist tradition includes ideas and practices and stories and understandings from several different sources. Does this multiplicity of sources promote spiritual depth - or have we substituted breadth for depth?

SUNDAY, February 12 | RE Sunday

 Steven Mead and the Children of Our Religious Education Program

This is a multigen service where the children will perform The Calabash Kids.
SUNDAY, February 19 
 Rev. Dr. David Herndon, Senior Minister. "What If and Why Not"
 An affirmation of the importance of imagining, dreaming, creating, envisioning, experimenting, innovating, exploring, and discovering.
SUNDAY, February 26
 The Rev. Dr. David Herndon, Senior Minister. "Black History in the Making"
 On May 18, 1966, Dr. King delivered the Ware Lecture at the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association. The title of his address was "Don't Sleep through the Revolution." As we celebrate Black History Month, we may have a sense that a lot of black history is being made right now! How can we connect with that history in the making, and not, as Dr. King said, sleep through the revolution? 

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