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A planned gift is a form of charitable giving made in the context of your estate planning. Since estate planning is the process of managing your accumulated assets for the present and future, a planned gift is included in a written statement of your overall intentions for your resources. As such, a planned gift becomes an expression of your deepest values and an extension of spiritual practice. Planned gifts take many forms, the most popular being a bequest conveyed in a will. Such an act of stewardship is one way you can create the kind of legacy that will help sustain the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh into the next century.

Wake Now Our Vision
For a limited time, the UUA, through a generous grant, is offering a 10% match for planned gifts to Unitarian Universalist institutions, including this church.If you are considering a planned gift or have already included a gift in your estate planning, and you are willing to share the details of the gift with the Wake Now Our Vision Collaborative Campaign Legacy Challenge, you can unlock a 10% match for the designated institution.For more information see: Wake Now Our Vision

Why give to the First Unitarian Church?
The First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh has a rich history. From the advent of Unitarianism in Pittsburgh in 1808 to the dedication of our church building on Morewood Avenue in 1904 and continuing to the present, the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh has been an advocate for liberal religious beliefs in our congregation and social justice in our community. Your gift to First Unitarian Church will sustain our shared mission to connect, inspire and serve.

Legacy Builders Honor Roll
The First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh will be forever grateful to the generosity and commitment of these Legacy Builders. Their gifts help to sustain our congregation now and for all time.

Types of Gifts
Planned giving includes many different types of gifts. Some are listed below. Please consult your financial adviser to determine which type of gift best suits your personal financial situation.

How to Give
The easiest way to make a planned gift is to include the First Unitarian Church in your will or beneficiary designations. Other gifts should be made in consultation with your financial planner.

Can you target your gift?
Yes. The First Unitarian Church is currently managing funds that support particular programs within the church. For instance, gifts to the Endowment generate income that supports the annual operating budget. Gifts to the Capital fund, support future capital improvement projects. Other programs that have dedicated endowments are Music, Social Justice, Campus Ministry, Ministry with Children and Youth. One request is that donors not to impose undue management burdens on future church officers by attempting to provide indefinite income for a very specific program.If you have a specific goal in mind for your gift, please consider discussing this with the church Treasurer to find a solution that meets your goals while being sustainable for the church.Otherwise, gifts to existing funds are encouraged: endowment, capital fund, endowments for music, social justice, campus ministry, or ministry with youth and children.

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