Alternative Gift Market

In the true spirit of holiday giving, gifts of Hope and New Life

Gifts of hunger relief, shelter, medical assistance, development, livestock, environmental protection, emergency disaster relief, and gender equality, for people in crisis around the world and at home, will be available to build peace in our global village while honoring your family and friends. Our Alternative Gift Market is affiliated with Alternative Gifts International (AGI).

What is an alternative gift?
A nontraditional way of giving. Instead of giving a “traditional” gift, a life-sustaining gift to help abolish global poverty or to renew our planet's environment is presented. Our Alternative Gift Market will display a number of causes, and will provide information and inserts on these causes.

How can I be sure my gift is used as I have ordered?
The projects Alternative Gifts International lists are administered by nonprofit agencies that have made a contractual agreement with AGI to spend 100 percent of the grant made to them on the project alone. Also, they agree not to use any of the funding on their at-home administration.

How does AGI select projects?
AGI has long-standing relationships with a number of large, globally respected aid agencies. Agencies are invited each year to send a detailed project proposal for the coming year. All agencies must submit proof of their non-profit status, financial documents, a proposed project, and evidence of effectiveness and sustainability.

You can find out more in the article Alternative gift fairs support good causes in the Unitarian Universalist World.

The Alternative Gift Market takes place at First Unitarian Church for three Sundays in late November and early December.

Contact Cindy Kirsch (chair) or Raeann Olander-Murray for more information.

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