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Rev. David Herndon and Erica Shadowsong.

“Rolling Away the Stone.”

Hope emerging from despair. Spring emerging from winter. New life emerging from death. Courage emerging from injustice. All of these meanings and many others are present in the Easter story, and they remain perennially important for Unitarian Universalists. This year our Easter worship celebration will be multigenerational. Come and be renewed through story and song and ceremony!



Stephanie Gannon.

“The Waiting Game.”

While the month of March was nearing its end, who was not anxiously awaiting spring's arrival? We’ve all gone through times in which we’ve been waiting for change and growth in our lives that seems never to come. How can we cultivate patience during those in-between times in which we feel frustrated, stuck, and wanting certain results and outcomes? During this month of Emergence, we'll explore how these moments offer up rich opportunities for a renewed commitment to our faith and values. We welcome back to our pulpit this morning Stephanie Gannon, a Unitarian Universalist minister-in-training who is completing her Clinical Pastoral Education at the Veterans Hospitals in Aspinwall and Oakland. She is planning both her wedding and her ordination, but we are fortunate that she has time for us this morning!



Rev. David Herndon, Senior Minister.

“Unexpected Guests.”

This morning, we will explore our spiritual theme for April, which is Emergence.



Earth Sunday.

The Green Sanctuary Team with Rev. David Herndon, Senior Minister.

This morning we will renew our sense of connection with the Earth and our sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of the interdependent web of all life on Earth.


Rev. David Herndon, Senior Minister.

“Light from Our Past.”

Our congregation is very fortunate that our own Kathy Parker has researched and written an extensive history of First Unitarian Church. Her book, Here We Gathered: The Story of Unitarian Universalism in Western Pennsylvania, 1808 – 2008, was published in 2010. What can we learn from the history of our church that might offer illumination and guidance to us now?

You are invited and welcome to come to our church. We hope this brief introduction can help you.

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Come to be moved and held in mutual embrace. Come and be made whole.
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