The Ministerial Search Committee is composed of seven selected congregants.

  • Christine Beregi – Arranger
  • Mary Denison – Congregational Survey and Process Observer
  • David Doorley – Website
  • Brian Junker – Chairperson
  • Peggy Parsons – Documents Packet
  • James L. Reitz – Treasurer
  • Michael Safran – Communication

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Ministerial search updates

Survey, Cottage Meeting Data Compiled and Available

In November, the Ministerial Search Committee took on the time-consuming task of compiling and analyzing the data we collected from our Congregational Survey, Cottage Meetings, Focus Groups and the all-day Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop. Two members ...
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Ministerial Search Update

Mid-September to late October were busy months for our congregation in our search for a new minister. To present our Fellowship honestly, the congregation helped us evaluate our church: who we are (our strengths and ...
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Registration Required for Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop

Beyond Categorical Thinking is a highly recommended part of the ministerial search process for our  congregation. In finding the person who would be the best match for our minister, we could  potentially overlook or even ...
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