What Have We Completed?

  1. Concluding a Ministry Well
  2. Education & Preparation for Search
  3. Building the Search Structure
  4. Opening Up the Search
  5. Discernment/Mutual Selection
  6. Finalizing the Offer
  7. Beginning a New Ministry

1. Concluding a Ministry Well

Reverend Connie Grant has been with us as an interim minister since 2019. We always knew she would be leaving us so this step has been in the works from day one. We appreciate her service during this interim time, especially navigating us through a pandemic! We truly appreciate her expertise and partnership in this ministerial search.

2. Education & Preparation for Search

We were quite busy during the month of June! We joined a workshop on June 13th that included the UUA Transitions Office and affiliated colleagues for a virtual presentation of the principles and practices of a well-executed ministerial search. The following weekend on the 19th and 20th we met with Kathy Kerns, our UUA Regional Transitions Coach, in a Ministerial Search Committee Zoom meeting.

We have decided as a team to meet weekly to make sure all the details of the search are in place and moving forward. We will keep you updated on the progress of the search for a settled minister. It is an exciting time of change in our church. The entire congregation will play a part in selecting our next minister!

Email question or comments to search@first-unitarian-pgh.org.

Ministerial search updates

Registration Required for Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop

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Ministerial Search: Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop

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Attend a Cottage Meeting

Cottage meetings are open groups of congregants invited to gather and discuss our search for a new minister. All members and friends of First Unitarian Church are invited to register and attend a cottage meeting. Each ...
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Focus Group Meetings Planned

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