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First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh

605 Morewood Avenue

Pittsburgh PA 15213

(412) 621-8008

Sunday Morning Services: 10:30am

February 26, 2023

First Unitarian matters deeply to me because… As much as we’d like to shed them and dive into a glorious future, our traditions are what brought us here and what we rely on to chart a path forward. The Unitarian tradition is not without its bumps in the road, but it is one that is often on the right side of history and has done things in the realm of social justice that make me proud to be a member and to say that I am a Unitarian. Giving money directly to people I know and trust for direct community action will always resonate more with me, and knowing the proud history of First Unitarian Pittsburgh, I can have faith that this money will go towards improving my community for the better.