2022 Treasurer’s Report

2022 Financial Summary
We finished the year in a reasonably good financial position, roughly where we expected to be. All numbers are as of the end of 2022.

Budget, Income, and Spending
Our income was $536,292, almost exactly the $536,088 we budgeted for the year. Expenses were $527,537, 99% of the $534,060 we budgeted for the year. Overall, this means we had a net income of $8,755, slightly ahead of the $2,028 net income we budgeted for.

Assets and Liabilities
Asset balances added up to $333,369, $99,988 higher than at the end of 2021. This does not include the money in our endowments and other investments. Total liabilities were $310,452, up $95,232 since the end of 2021. Overall, we had $22,916 in net assets, which included $8,755 in current year earnings and $14,161 in net income from previous years.

2023 Pledges
Thank you to everyone who made a pledge for 2023. Our final pledge total was $410,132, down slightly from our 2022 pledges of $416,511. If you still need to make a pledge, please visit https://www.first-unitarian-pgh.org/pledge