How to Submit Information for the Weekly Newsletter, Website, Calendar, Social Media, Etc.

There are a few types of submissions we hope to see from our committees. 

If you’re planning a special event, please submit a write-up about it in addition to submitting info for the events calendar.

Also, submit a write-up if:

  • Your committee accomplishes something special or reaches a goal, such as raising money 
  • Your committee sponsored or participated in an event, such as serving a meal for the homeless or working on a Habitat for Humanity house (Those types of activities are especially photogenic, too!)
  • Your committee elects new officers or adds new members
  • Your committee needs extra help for an activity or needs to collect information or advice from the congregation as a whole
  • A member of your committee or the congregation at large accomplishes something special or receives special recognition for their work or accomplishments
  • You want to announce an upcoming meeting or invite people to an event

Other Guidelines

Don’t limit your submissions to just the examples listed. However, if your meeting is rather routine and you essentially did what you said you were going to do in the calendar listing, there’s no need for a write-up after the meeting.

Keep in mind that your write-up will have at least two different audiences — church members and non-church members who have found our website while searching for information about the church or Unitarian Universalism. Please avoid abbreviations or acronyms that may not be familiar to non-members.

The Submission will be added, deleted, and edited at the preparer’s discretion.

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