At First Unitarian Church, we are blessed with many different kinds of artistic expression. We hope you will find a way to become involved in one or another of the groups that contribute to the artistic life of First Unitarian Church.


The music program at First Unitarian Church serves our members through joyful celebrations both in our worship services and in the larger community. We nourish congregational music-making by offering a variety of ways for members to make both instrumental and choral music together. We also work with musicians from the larger community to present rich, meaningful, and diverse musical offerings in our worship celebrations. Opportunities include:

  • Vocalists
    • UU Singers
    • Family Choir
  • Instrumentalists
    • Solo Instrumentalists and Accompanists
    • Hymn Band & Folk Circle
  • Other Performers

The UU Pittsburgh Community Singers rehearsals are Wednesdays at 7 pm. Vaccination and masking are required. Updated announcements and schedules can be found on the calendar.
Instrumental groups and soloists are put together on an ad hoc basis.  If you are interested in playing at church, please let Ellen know at 412-242-7769 or

Music Endowment

The Music Endowment committee reviews and, if necessary, invites proposals to spend funds from the Music Endowment. These are spent on one-time purchases and one-time music events (rather than ongoing maintenance expenses).