The purpose of the Music Endowment is to provide support for the music ministry program at the First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh. In accord with the policy of the Board of Trustees that discourages contributions toward specific, ordinary items in the operating budget, proceeds from the Music Endowment could support the following programs and activities:

  1. Instrument acquisition, improvement, restoration, and maintenance;
  2. Equipment acquisition, improvement, and maintenance;
  3. Support for public concerts open to the larger community;
  4. Support (including printed music, if needed) for a small number of worship events where music is especially prominent (e.g., Christmas Eve);
  5. Tours by music performance groups of the church;
  6. Commissions for new hymns or choral works especially intended for use in Unitarian Universalist churches;
  7. An artist-in-residence program;
  8. A church music internship program;
  9. Other programs and activities that could be classified as “extras and externals.”