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The First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh exists so that people who share Unitarian Universalist values can gather in a religious community for spiritual and intellectual growth and social transformation, with resources adequate to realize this aspiration. We have captured these aspirations into our mission. We connect deeply in community by purposefully and regularly…

  • Engaging with each other through covenantal conversation
  • Opening our doors and our minds to people with diverse viewpoints
  • Sharing our activities with each other and with the local community

We inspire reverence and spiritual growth by consciously…

  • Bridging differences in theological perspective, cultural or racial background, age or stage in life, and ability in our worship services
  • Providing church members and friends opportunities to participate in worship
  • Weaving together multiple modes of communication through the use of a multi-arts approach to worship

We serve each other, our local community, and the world by intentionally…

  • Being stewards of the church
  • Providing support to those experiencing hardship or distress
  • Working for social justice
  • Being caretakers of our environment

We pursue lifelong learning together by actively…

  • Providing thought-provoking learning experiences for all ages
  • Encouraging respectful exploration and discussion of multi-faceted issues.