You may use this web site to make a direct transfer from your checking or savings account or to make a debit or credit card payment. If you are setting up a periodic pledge payment arrangement, please direct the payment to the General Fund and specify the amount you want for each payment, not the full amount of your annual pledge.

Establishing a recurring donation to the General Fund does not automatically create an annual pledge of support for the General Fund (used to pay church operating expenses).  The Treasurer requests that you make your intention to support the church explicit using a pledge to avoid a misunderstanding about your plans.  Please use this pledge form to document your pledge of support or call the church office at (412) 621-8008.

To avoid having you scroll through a long list of funds, this form only enables online donations to the most commonly supported funds, including the General Fund for pledge payments or gifts for the operating budget.  Please  use a check to donate to any fund that is not listed and only use this form to donate to one of the listed funds.  Attempting to direct the donation to a different fund by adding a comment will not work because this is an automated process that does not interpret the comment field.  Please only use the comment field as an annotation, such as “in memory of  …” or as a reminder to yourself.  Thank you.