First Unitarian Church maintains a password-protected church membership directory. If you are a new member, or if you have misplaced your log-in credentials, please write to Include your name and email address in your note.

Answers to Common Questions

The online directory is a feature of the Breeze church management system used by the church to track membership. Access to the online directory is restricted to the church community. This is done by giving church members and friends an individual Breeze account. In addition to providing access to the online directory, your Breeze account lets you:

  • Update much of your personal demographic and contact information, including uploading an individual and/or family picture
  • Check on your giving history
  • Check on your pledge amount and fulfillment progress
  • Manage online donations, including making recurring donations.

For a brief video overview, see Breeze Member Tutorial.

How will I get my Breeze account?

Look in your email for an invitation and follow the instructions. Invitations are routinely sent to new members and periodically to all member without an account, typically in the fall.  At other times send a request to .

Who can get an account to access the Online Directory?

Access will be limited to adult members and friends of the church, the same people who are included in the directory. Others will need to request a paper directory from the church office.

How can I be excluded from the Online Directory?

Please contact the Membership Team or the church office. Alternatively, you can limit the parts of your contact information shown in the directory by marking some items as “private.” Information marked private is not shown in the online directory but remains available to church staff and volunteers, such as the Pastoral Care Team, the Membership Team, and the Stewardship Team.

How can I update my information?

From the home page of your account, click on the big “My Profile.”

You will not be able to edit some information, such as Status, Membership Date, or add/remove family members. Please contact the Membership Team to correct these kinds of errors.

How can I add, update, or delete pictures?

This is similar to updating profile information. While viewing your profile, click on the silhouette placeholder or existing image next to your name and you will be invited to upload a new picture. You can also do this for other family members. To update the family picture, click to edit the Family (Household) section and click the label under the existing image.

From the panel where you add new images, you can also select another image by clicking on it, or click on “Manage Pictures” to delete an image.

How can I share my birthday without sharing my age?

When entering the birthday, key in the date with the year as 0000. For example 10/11/0000 will display the birthday as October 11 without showing an age or birth year.

How do I find someone in the Online Directory?

Log into your account and click on the People icon either from your account home page or from the header bar on the top. This will display the whole directory in alphabetic order.

A quicker way to find a specific person is to just start typing their name in the “Search People” box in the upper left.

How do I see my giving or pledge history?

From the home page of your account, click on the big “My Profile” to get to your profile page. From there click on the “Giving” link at the upper left.

Below your name you will see two buttons: “Giving” and “Pledges.” Clicking on “Pledges” will display your pledges. Clicking on “Giving” takes you back to the giving page.

Why don’t I see my pledge prepayment?

By default, Breeze only shows donations for the current calendar year. These are the donations that will appear on your current giving statement.  Change the “Start Date” near the top to a date like September 1 of the previous year and you should see your prepayment.

How can I manage my online giving?

From your account dashboard, click on the big “Online Giving” or from anywhere click on the “Give Now” in the heading at top right. This will take you to a page where you can make a donation.

The advantage of giving from your account rather than the donation page on the church’s web site is that you can reuse a payment method without having to reenter all the details.