Our primary purpose as a Board is to inspire, direct, and hold accountable the Ministers and ourselves through the broad written policies we have established that reflect Unitarian Universalist values and perspectives. The Board must ensure that all divergent views are considered, yet it must resolve into a single organizational position on any issue.

Trustees are elected for three-year terms, with three new members being elected each year to replace the three who will be completing their terms. Nominations are made by the Nominating Committee chaired by TBA.

To contact all members of the Board of Trustees, send an email to board@first-unitarian-pgh.org

Heather Masterson (2023), President
Lee Carnes (2022), Vice President
Kate Snow (2023), Secretary
Kyle Gracey (2023), Treasurer

Amy DeChicchis (2024)
Julie Downs (2022)
Rev. Kate Walker, Minister Ex-Officio
Sam Hens-Greco (2022)
Bob Mitchell (2024)
Rob Schwartz (2024)

Financial Officers
Claus Makowka, Controller
Margaret Stevens, Assistant Controller

The Board of Trustees meets every third Wednesday at 7:00 PM in the Schweitzer room. All are welcome, and those who wish will be given an opportunity to speak. To speak at a board meeting, please send your request to board@first-unitarian-pgh.org.

Board of Trustees Updates

2nd Quarter Treasurer’s Report

Our finances are in a reasonable position after the first half of 2021. Although we continue to suffer losses due to the pandemic, we are generally operating as budgeted for the year. All information below ...
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A Message from the Board of Trustees; Repayment of the Federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan

Dear First Unitarian Members,As you may know, the Board of Trustees voted at its March 17, 2021, meeting torepay the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan that the First UnitarianChurch of Pittsburgh received in April ...
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First Quarter Treasurer’s Report

Our finances are holding up after the first quarter of 2021. Although we continue to suffer losses due to the pandemic, we have successfully planned the cuts and other adjustments necessary to navigate these impacts. ...
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2020 Financial Summary

We ended the fiscal and calendar year in an OK position. In summary, and as expected, we ended with a net loss, though somewhat less of a loss than budgeted. We still have a healthy ...
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Bylaws Revisions Approved

A huge “Thank you” from the Board of Trustees to all of the voting members who participated in the Nov. 15 Special Congregational Meeting to approve the revised church bylaws. Despite a somewhat complex electronic ...
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Team Answers Questions About Bylaws Changes

The Bylaws Revision Team is answering questions from the congregation about the proposed revisions to First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh’s bylaws. This article will be updated as more questions are submitted. Congregational meetings are scheduled for ...
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Bylaws Vote Scheduled

The First Unitarian Church congregation on Nov. 15 will be asked to approve proposed revisions to the church bylaws. The church Board of Trustees is following the advice of the Unitarian Universalist Association to review bylaws ...
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Treasurer’s Report: Q3 2020

Financially, the church has so far weathered the coronavirus pandemic and economic downturn reasonably well, though we still face many months of uncertainty. Assets and LiabilitiesAsset balances as of September 30 2020 add up to $356,257. ...
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