2023-2026 Strategic Plan Preview

The next few years promise to be an exciting period for First Unitarian Church! The VIM Committee has been hard at work drafting the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan. Along the way, we received input from many members and friends. The Board has voted unanimously to support the proposed plan. Now, it’s your turn. Click the link to access the full plan. If you have questions or comments, you can email board@first-unitarian-pgh.org. You’ll also have the opportunity in late June to weigh in on your level of support for the plan, via a Member-wide poll.

The plan includes two priority goals:

– Diversify And Grow Our Membership

– Create Long-Lasting And Meaningful First Unitarian / Community Partnerships Advancing Racial Justice and Environmental Justice

As well as two supporting activities:

– Improve communication, organization and coordination within the church

– Organize more church events, both internal and external

As part of our improved Assessment, Discernment and Planning system, each year we will: Plan specific actions to achieve our strategy, Assess how much progress we’re making toward our goals, and Discern whether any updates or changes are needed.