3rd Quarter Treasurer’s Report

Our finances are in an OK position, close to budget but a little behind. All information below is as of September 30.

Budget, Income, and Spending
Our income is $391,420, about 96% of where we should be at this point in the year. We are lagging in areas such as non-pledge gifts, investment income, and rentals. Expenses are $402.607, almost exactly on-budget for this point in the year. Overall, this means we have a net loss of $11,187.

Assets and Liabilities
Asset balances add up to $243,958, a decrease of about $67,697 since last quarter. This does not include the money in our endowments and trusts. Total liabilities are $240,984, down $45,689 since last quarter. Overall, we have $2,974 in net assets, which includes our $11,187 net loss and $14,161 in net income from previous years.

2023 Pledge
By now, you should have received your default 2023 pledge from the Stewardship Committee. If you are happy with your default pledge, there’s nothing you need to do! If you would like to increase or decrease your pledge, please submit your change no later than October 31 at https://www.first-unitarian-pgh.org/pledge

2023 Budget Meeting
Having timely information about your pledge will best allow us to prepare the 2023 budget. You’re invited to a presentation of the draft budget on Sunday, December 4, at 12:30 PM online. A Zoom link will be sent in late November.