A Message from our LRED

We had a wonderful Sunday on 10/30 with several projects and the spirit of celebration! The Pumpkinfest, our kids’ pumpkin decorating project, is back for the first time since 2020! We decorated pumpkins and showed them off in the Undercroft during coffee hour, raising over $180 to give to the East End Cooperative Ministry shelter. Our kids were passionate about helping create a better world and received enthusiastic support from the congregation.  Thank you!

Meanwhile, the 7th – 9th graders built 3 air filters for our classrooms. These air filters are considerably cheaper than the commercial ones, yet just as effective in making our air safer to breathe! They will be making 2 more. Much thanks to the leadership help from Sue Oerkvitz on behalf of the Environmental Justice team, who did the recon for this project.

Please enjoy these pictures from our two neat events, and thank you again for supporting our children and youth as they take action to live their values!

Finally, there were three of us at our first Sesion de la Mesa Blanca on Friday, 10/28. We had a wonderful and renewing ritual, and will hopefully offer it again.