A Message From Your Art Committee

We want to express our gratitude and appreciation to Miguel Hoyos for the beautiful show of his work in the Undercroft Gallery in November. His work brought so much joy and color to this space and to our lives. Thank you, Miguel!!
This month we are hosting a Family and Friends Fiber Art Show in the Undercroft Gallery. Be sure to check out the work of our artists using fiber in different forms; paper, yarn–felted and knitted, and cloth–appliqued, embroidered, and quilted. There is also a wall of prayer pillowcases made by the new First U Sewing Circle. These will be donated to Children’s Hospital.
 A reception in the Undercroft on Sunday, December 18, after service, will give us a chance to meet some of the artists, hear a bit about their work, and express our appreciation to them.
And then, Why in the world is the Art Committee having a photo exhibit? Your work is due by Sunday, December 18.
When cell phone makers added camera capabilities to the cell phone, everyone became a photographer! Little kids, big kids, adults, grandparents! And people could take photos of anything they wanted: favorite toys, friends, silly pictures, leaves, dogs, interesting rocks, a bug, a row of houses! So the Art Committee wants to honor the photographer in all of us with a January exhibit of your favorite phone photo. We did this before in January 2020, and it was a great success.
Pick a photo you like from among the hundreds (thousands?) on your phone. Print an 8×10 glossy picture of the photo (information and directions are on the submission forms at the church, or use this link to the form, give your photo a title (this needn’t be complicated), add your name, and put it in one of the two submission boxes in the church -on the piano in the Undercroft and in the Garden Lobby. The Art Committee will mat your photo and hang the exhibit for a January opening in the Undercroft Gallery!
The deadline for photo submissions is DECEMBER 18!