An “Oasis” of Learning

Big changes have come to the building with our return to in person religious education programs. First, there are new signs on all the classrooms, and some of them are different! Accompanied by pictures and bios, the rooms are named after Unitarian Universalist ancestors, with some additions for better representation. Among some of the new names and pictures, you will see are Francis Ellen Watkins Harper, Ethelred Brown, and James Reeb & Viola Liuzzo.

A large wall decal in the religious education wing hallway now shows the tree of our principles with the sources as its roots, and there are plans for another decal that will have a chalice with the two bands of Unitarian and Universalist defined.

When people enter our building, they will see a diverse representation of just a few of the people across the ages upon whose shoulders we stand. Their names, pictures, and stories will become familiar to church members and visitors of all ages as they pass by them frequently. And newcomers and new families will be able to contemplate and better understand Unitarian Universalism at a glance with a central image, not just words.

These changes and others to come are part of a vision to make the religious education spaces an oasis of learning, filled with intentional images and messages that communicate our pride in our heritage and religious tradition, provoke thought, and stimulate the imagination. Please enjoy these changes as you notice them, and benefit from the history they share!