As we hear from church members and friends about why they choose to support First Unitarian Church, a recurring theme is the connections that we make with one another as individuals and as a church community with the wider world. Here are just a few examples of what fellow members and friends are saying:

“[The Church] has become my community, my family in Pittsburgh, and my source of strength. I find that I can do more about things that matter to me (issues of climate change, social justice, diversity) through First Church than I can alone and that I am truly not alone.”

​​”I can read each of our principles and believe in them without a doubt. I can apply these principles to the best of my ability each and every day of my life as a guide. One of the most important principles to me is the 7th principle. The “respect for the interdependent web of all existence” raises my awareness that I am not separate from the world around me. Every choice that I make has an impact in the world where I live. Like dropping a pebble into a lake, the action that I take resonates out from the center of my being.”

“The members are our family.”

One of the major changes in our new pledging process is that we have committed to making stewardship calls to one third of the congregation each year in order to foster those connections between us. If you are on the list for a call this year, you should be hearing from a committee member or board member soon. These calls are our opportunity to hear from you about what you find meaningful and important about your connections with our church. If you would like to share your thoughts with the committee or have any questions about the new process, please reach out to the committee at We look forward to learning what keeps you connected!